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Pioneer is very proud of the men and women employees we nominate for the apprenticeship program. The program is offered in partnership with the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) and local community colleges in the Pierce and King County regions. The program provides occupational skills training that combines 93% supervised on-the-job training experience with 7% classroom instruction.

Men and women have the opportunity to earn their sheet metal fabrication certificate in two years, or CNC operator (master machinist / journeyman) status in four years. CNC machinists can then continue on for a fifth year in Tools and Dies if they are seeking to further their education. To become a journeyman, the apprentice must finish four years of satisfactory progression through the program, as demonstrated by proper rotation of work progresses (OJT) and passing of corresponding classes. It is a proven way to train people for careers in the aerospace, aviation and advanced manufacturing industries that demand a wide range of skills, knowledge, and independent judgment.

Meet a Few of Pioneer’s Apprentices

Hanif had been in and out of the criminal justice system since he was in his teens. He realized his past life of crime and convictions was going to be a major barrier to pursuing a career.

“There are no short cuts in life and my past...