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In 1963, Jack Dalton opened a single halfway house in Seattle and founded Pioneer Human Services. Since then, Pioneer has expanded into a robust nonprofit, operating a broad range of over 35 programs across Washington state. Pioneer assists people reentering society from prison or jail as well as those who are overcoming substance use disorders and mental health issues. The organization offers an integrated array of treatment, housing, training and employment services.*

To eradicate mass incarceration through innovative social entrepreneurship.

We empower justice-involved individuals to overcome adversity and reach their full potential.



Our business model is also unique. Unlike most nonprofits, Pioneer is a nonprofit social enterprise. We operate a diverse line of businesses that provide on-the-job training and work experience for the people we serve, while generating revenue that helps fund our social mission. As social entrepreneurs, we combine the passionate pursuit of our mission with the discipline and innovation of a for-profit company.

When you do business with Pioneer, you not only get the best products and services, but you also help people gain the experience they need to reclaim their lives and become productive members of society. Despite our growth and progress, our core values and purpose have not waivered. Everyone deserves an opportunity to achieve their potential. We provide people a chance for change so they can, in turn, contribute to stronger, healthier communities.

Learn about Pioneer’s colorful history:

  • Meet some of our success stories

  • Watch a video of our job readiness and occupational training programs  students talk about how the programs have helped them make the transition back into the workforce.

  • Listen to a Collection of Stories, as told by Honorary Governors of Pioneer Human Services, tracing the history of the organization. From its founder Jack Dalton to more current times, these stories help explain the origin of Pioneer’s mission of providing a chance for change to people overcoming the challenges of substance abuse and criminal histories by offering treatment, housing and employment.

What makes us different

Pioneer is an entrepreneurial human service organization that provides a chance for change to people overcoming the challenges of conviction histories, substance use disorders and mental health issues by offering treatment, housing, training and employment services. We specialize in helping people who want to turn their lives around, make better choices and live healthier lives.

As a leading nonprofit social enterprise based in Washington state, we offer an integrated array of programs and support services to more than 9,000 people a year to provide them with the tools they need to build better lives.

When companies do business with Pioneer, they can count on high-quality products at competitive prices and they have the added benefit of knowing that they have helped people gain the experience they need to reclaim their lives and become productive members of society.

*Pioneer Human Services is a nonprofit (501c3) social enterprise. One-hundred percent of our revenues are reinvested within the organization.