City Gate Apartments

City Gate Apartments
607 East Holly Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
Who is eligible

City Gate apartments are designated for participants of the Whatcom County Coordinated Entry program, Whatcom County Mental Health and Drug Courts, Shelter Plus Care and Veterans Affairs (VASH) in supportive housing in collaboration with the Whatcom County Health Department. To be eligible for the housing program, participants need to meet various combinations of the following:

  • Homeless at program entry
  • Individuals under the supervision of DOC or exiting Whatcom County Jail
  • Past history of residency in Whatcom County
  • Income at or below 50% Area Median Income
  • Committed to individual reentry plan and program participation requirements
  • Veteran status
How to apply

The City Gate facility and programs are operated in partnership with other non-profit agencies.  This program does not accept self-referrals. Please note: we do not accept reusable tenant screening reports from referral agencies.


City Gate Apartments are designated for individuals that have been involved in the criminal justice system and are otherwise homeless in Whatcom County. Whatcom County’s coordinated entry includes SHP, Shelter plus Care, and VASH units. Residents need to commit to a specific case management plan to maintain housing and improve their quality of life. Services provided are supported in partnership with the Whatcom County Health Department. 

  • 38 studio apartments
  • Washer/dryer in each unit
  • On-site parking
  • Utilities included in monthly rent
  • Case management support services
  • Close proximity to bus routes, schools and shopping

City Gate Apartments received EPA’s Energy Star in 2016 after executing several cost saving measures including solar installation, LED lighting, thermostat updates and a power saver plug-in. The facility was in the top ten percent of similar building types in the country that are green. To earn an Energy Star, a building must meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency. 


Pioneer Transition House

Pioneer Transition House
1011 Digby Road
Mount Vernon, WA 98274
Who is eligible

Pioneer Transition House is designated for participants exiting Skagit Valley Hospital, Skagit County Community Justice Center, Skagit Community Detox  and Pioneer Center North in collaboration with Skagit County Public Health and Community Services.

  • All applicants must be referred by a community partner agency
  • Individuals must be homeless at entry
  • Residents need to have a documented mental health and substance use disorder diagnosis
  • Exiting jail, detox centers and inpatient treatment facilities
  • 18 years or older male or female
  • Past history of residency in Skagit County
  • Required to pay a service fee of 30% of their income, or zero with no income
  • Residents must be committed to compliance with case management and individual case management plans for more permanent housing
  • Sobriety needs to be supported and resident must agree to monitoring through urinalysis and breathalyzers
How to apply

Complete the following forms and submit to Todd Medearis by fax at 360-336-0117:

* All referents will be notified via email about pending openings within the program.


Pioneer Transition House is a 10-bed co-ed transitional housing program. Residents need to have a documented mental health and substance use disorder diagnosis. Housing is approved on a month-to-month basis without a maximum length of stay. 

Services include connecting clients to mental health or substance use disorder treatment, DSHS benefits and SSI applications, employment, probation completion, maintaining sobriety, and helping to obtain and maintain permanent/stable housing upon exiting the program.


Carl, a past resident stated, “I was a chronic alcoholic for many years and my only goal was to die. Pioneer Transition House gave me a safe environment to deal with all my problems and addiction issues. The staff there cared about me and ensured that I get the counseling and treatment I needed. They really listened when I told them about my struggles. I got used to living around other people again in a community environment, and the pressures of every day life were brought on at a more manageable level. Currently, I am successfully living on my own in an apartment. Thanks to all the staff at the Transition House!

Transition to Permanent Housing
  • Once a resident is stabilized and routines are developed, we identify more permanent housing and extend our case management services up to six months after discharge.