Counseling and Treatment

Dutch Shisler Service Center

1930 Boren Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101
United States
How to apply

Most of the people we serve at Dutch Shisler are self-referred. There is no application process. Many of our clients are brought to us from:

  • 911 Dispatched vans (emergency service patrol)
  • Hospital referrals
  • Police
  • Fire departments
  • Family/friend
  • Self Referral

The Dutch Shisler Service Center provides a safe setting for people who are chronically homeless and inebriated to get sober and sleep so they do not end up in local hospitals and jails.

  • Medically monitored diversion center
  • Sleeping accommodations
  • Nourishment
  • Substance use disorder and mental health assessment referrals
  • Referrals for counseling offsite
  • Intensive case management
  • Help with housing, medical and social needs
  • Serves as an access point to other services needed

Skagit County Crisis Center

201 Lila Lane
Burlington, WA 98233
United States
Services Include
  • Sub-Acute Detoxification Services – ensures safe withdrawal from alcohol and drugs, provides substance use disorder assessment referrals, and  assists clients to ensure after care is arranged. The dedicated staff of SCCC also helps to coordinate treatment and the center offers a seven-day Suboxone Tapering program for opioid addiction.
  • Short Term Mental Health Stabilization – offers individual crisis counseling, medication stabilization, evidence-based  programming to identify strengths and personal goals for improved mental health, and referral service assistance for mental health issues through coordinating care with on-going mental health and substance use disorder providers.
  • Jail Transitions Case Management – promotes successful community reintegration from jail for Skagit residents using evidence-based treatment that teaches skills for independent living and employment post-release. The program works in conjunction with the North Sound Mental Behavioral Health Organizationn and Skagit County Community Justice Center for clients who are not already receiving mental health services. Clients cannot be currently enrolled in mental health services.
  • Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) – designed for individuals who are currently incarcerated at Skagit County Community Justice Center that disclose they have a substance use disorder and want to engage in a treatment program. Treatment is provided during the individual’s incarceration. If applicable, Pioneer staff work to develop a reentry plan in order to facilitate a successful transition from incarceration to becoming a productive member of society. The program is voluntary and acceptance is based on individuals being assessed while in custody.

The Skagit County Crisis Center is a 16-bed crisis, mental health stabilization and sub-acute detox program. The center serves North Sound region residents for detox and provides services for residents who are experiencing a crisis related to their substance use disorder and/or mental health challenges. Most of the services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This program receives funding from Skagit County Public Health; funding sources come from the North Sound BHO and Skagit County.

Who is eligible

We serve North Sound region adults in crisis including those who are:

  • Intoxicated or in withdrawal from alcohol or other substances and are medically stable
  • In need of stabilization due to mental health concerns
  • Assessed as having co-occurring mental health and substance use disorder issues
How to apply

People can self-refer to our program if they are in crisis. We also accept referrals from law enforcement, hospital emergency departments, substance use disorder providers, mental health agencies, and family or friends. For more information, call us at 360-757-7738.



Whatcom Community Detox

Whatcom Community Detox
2030 Division St, #B
Bellingham, WA 98226
United States
  • Safe withdrawal from alcohol and drugs
  • Counseling
  • Motivational programming
  • Referrals to mental health services
  • Assessments and referrals to substance use disorder treatment, once admitted

Whatcom staff work with clients in an attempt to motivate them to seek further treatment. Staff also provides clients with resources in the community and support through each step of the process. 

Clients are admitted voluntarily and the center serves as the first step toward accessing substance abuse treatment. Whatcom Community Detox provides 24/7 hour supervision, monitoring, and observation by a trained staff member. Clients are offered a clean and safe environment where they can recover from the transitory effects of intoxication and withdrawal. Whatcom staff work with clients in an attempt to motivate them to seek further treatment. Staff provides clients with resources in the community and support through each step of the process.

We work with each client and can help place them into inpatient treatment or refer to outpatient, depending on outcome of assessment.                                  


Whatcom Community Detox provides a monitored setting for the safe withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs. The detoxification is provided in a sub-acute (non-medical) unit where intensive medical monitoring is not required. In addition to stabilization and safety, the goal of these services is to assess people’s mental health and substance use disorder-related needs and help them access the services they need to recover.

Medication Assisted  Treatment Program – Working with Whatcom County, Pioneer is offering individuals addicted to opiates a tapering program, or induction for maintenance, for use at inpatient treatment and in the community based on successful completion of treatment. The Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program was created to help individuals with a safe and more comfortable withdrawal and keep them engaged in the recovery process. The goal is to assist people addicted to opiates in getting back to a healthy lifestyle. The MAT program has case managers and utilizes a physician who prescribes Suboxone for a smooth transition so clients can move easier into a treatment program.

Please contact the program professional, Yvonne Prouty, at 360-746-5125

Who is eligible

Whatcom Community Detox serves individuals who are intoxicated or in withdrawal from alcohol, or other chemical substances, but are medically stable.

How to apply

Individuals can self-refer themselves to the center. Whatcom also accepts referrals from law enforcement, hospital emergency departments, mental health agencies, and family or friends of the client.

For more information, call us at 360-676-2020 Ext. 5.