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At Pioneer, we believe in giving people a chance for change. We hire on qualified graduates from our job readiness training course and occupational training programs to work in our manufacturing, commercial food services, construction and corporate office divisions. Over 64% of our current manufacturing workforce have overcome the challenges of criminal histories and/or chemical dependency issues.

Since we don’t have enough jobs to employ all of our graduates, our employer outreach specialists call on employers like yourself to consider hiring some of our skilled graduates. Pioneer’s vocational case managers work with our job-ready graduates and match their skill sets to the specific needs of employers.

Employment helps people transition back into society and lead crime-free lives. It also contributes to an individual’s stability which creates safer communities.

Employer Testimonial

“Alaskan Copper has a long history of working with Pioneer Human Services in a variety of capacities. Pioneer’s passion and diligence in their efforts to help people returning to the workforce is commendable and has provided us with multiple strong candidates for our employment opportunities over the years. We at Alaskan Copper are proud of our partnership with Pioneer and look forward to continuing that relationship.”

Benefits to the employer

Save time and money on recruitment – We pre-screen graduates to meet your specific needs – reducing advertising costs and time spent reviewing applications.

Hire people with strong work ethic and proven skills – All graduates have developed soft skills that make them reliable and motivated employees. Graduates of the occupational training programs have job-specific skills and the certification to back it up.

Get support if there are any issues – We provide follow-up with our graduates and are here to answer your questions or help work through any issues – all you have to do is call.

Save money on bonding and taxes – When you hire Pioneer graduates, you are eligible for no-cost bonding and federal tax credits.

Eliminate fees– There are no fees, time commitment or contract required when you hire any of our graduates. We are just looking for employers who want to hire dedicated employees.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any job openings or think you might be interested in hiring any of our graduates. Our employment outreach specialists would be happy to answer any questions and meet with you about your specific needs.

Phone: 206-768-7333
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