Get Involved

Pioneer Human Services is committed to providing a chance for change to formerly incarcerated individuals. As people begin the reentry process they are striving to start a new life, yet many barriers block their path to success. By volunteering to host an in-kind drive, participating in mock interviews, speaking to our students in class or graduation, or hiring a graduate you can assist individuals in realizing their potential. If you prefer to donate to Pioneer, you are giving to our treatment, housing and employment services that help individuals make the transition after incarceration so they can build their lives back together and become contributing members in our communities.

Each year, an average of 8,000 people are released from prison in Washington State. In 2016, Pioneer provided 10,645 individuals with treatment, housing and employment services. Our clients work hard to overcome a complex set of barriers as they began to rebuild their lives and rejoin our communities. WE BELIEVE PEOPLE CAN CHANGE.