Roadmap to Success Graduate Aims to Thrive - Not Just Survive

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Cody (pictured left) is a recent graduate of our Roadmap to Success (RTS) job-readiness training program in Seattle. Currently, Pioneer operates the program virtually via Zoom in Seattle and Spokane for the safety of the students. Staff shared his story on re-entering the workforce and striving to succeed.

When Cody was released from federal prison he was sent to Pioneer Fellowship House in Seattle, one of the four federal residential reentry centers that Pioneer operates in Washington state. Staff referred him into the RTS program. Cody agreed to attend RTS to try to build his resume and find work. Coming into the class, Cody was already certified as a structural welder and fabricator. At 16 years old, he acquired his first job at a marina sanding wooden boat molds. Now, Cody had a career goal to find full-time employment, grow his skills and join the Ironworkers Union. 

All through the RTS program, Cody engaged in the projects and shared his goals with Heaven Robinson, his case manager. “Cody was very motivated to start building a career and get his life on track,” shared Heaven.

After engaging in RTS, he started searching for employment, applying himself in improvement projects and setting goals. He completed the program and graduated from the RTS program. With the help of funds from our generous donors, Cody was also able to reinstate his ID card and get funding for his Orca bus card - necessary items for any job applicant. Often the fees for an ID and for basic transportation can be roadblocks in preventing students from applying for jobs. The donor dollars also paid for a pair of new work boots for Cody. We are so appreciative of the generosity from our donors that support the RTS program. 

Cody successfully landed a full-time job as a shipping and receiving clerk at a local manufacturer, with the option to join the Union. He continues to work with his Pioneer case manager and employment specialist on communications when talking about his background. Those issues were highlighted as potential barriers in future interviews and Cody wanted to learn more about navigating them so they did not  hinder his success or keep him from reaching his goals. When speaking about what he learned from the RTS program, Cody stated, “The job search never ends. It is a process to achieve a career. I have to stay active on my job search, update my resume regularly and continue getting accreditations. Instead of surviving - I want to be thriving.

Heaven Robinson added, “Cody has the perseverance and the drive to really build his career. We were excited to work with him and witness him gain employment. Every donor dollar that he utilized has really helped push him forward on his path and we are so grateful to all of our supporters.


Tuesday, November 24, 2020