Aspen Terrace Supportive Housing Services Provides Stability for Residents

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Staff from Aspen Terrace, our 89-bed affordable housing facility on Capitol Hill in Seattle, shared an inspiring story about a Veteran that moved into the facility and really flourished since receiving the stable housing and support services provided.

William moved into Aspen Terrace through a Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) voucher last May. These vouchers are administered in partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and enable homeless veterans and their families to access affordable housing with an array of supportive services.

At first, William was very reserved, hardly showing his face at any housing gatherings. However, as time passed and William became more settled in, he eventually opened up and started to attend events, seamlessly becoming an integral part of the Aspen Terrace community. 

Brian Saechao, social services coordinator, shared, “During the Resident Leadership Council meetings, William started sharing and voicing his concerns. He would also openly provide a reachable resolution. If conversations were to derail from the original topic, he would diplomatically guide his neighbors back to the problem at hand. William has yet to realize that he has the qualities of a leader!” 

Aspen Terrace staff spent months developing programs and addressing William’s and other residents’ food, transportation and mental instability issues by providing the following:
• Food drive for residents to select the food they needed
• Bike maintenance courses that awarded the graduates with their own bicycle to help provide transportation needs
• Mindfulness classes through yoga to address any mental instability

“A specific staff member and a couple residents at Aspen Terrace have been integral participants along my path. Brian Saechao, Pioneer’s social services coordinator had a supportive attitude, energetic nature and general positive vibe that has helped me move forward. And, a couple of residents, one in particular, have been there for me in my times of need and drawn me towards healthy activities that have increased my overall well-being and ability to move forward,” said William.

After months of working with William and cultivating a great foundation, he is now ready for the workforce! Pioneer is extremely proud and honored to have this opportunity to support William and we are looking forward to guiding him in his future career.

Friday, February 25, 2022