Overcoming a Past and Giving Back

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We are so proud to introduce Travis (pictured), one of our residential treatment specialist’s at the Spokane Regional Stabilization Center (SRSC) that Pioneer operates. Travis was one of the first client’s at SRSC when it opened and staff had the opportunity to work with him, secure a space in a treatment program and later a clean and sober housing facility. After a year of being in recovery, Travis came back to SRSC as an employee!  

Travis came to us struggling with symptoms of depression. He was receptive to treatment and worked diligently to remain successful in his recovery efforts beyond treatment at the Spokane Regional Stabilization Center. We are so excited to have him here now at the SRSC as a residential treatment specialist employee.Amelia Weaks, SRSC director

Lauren Hixon, residential treatment specialist (RTS) manager shared, “I’m very grateful to have Travis on our residential treatment specialist (RTS) and Peer team. He has a great work ethic and his passion for helping others is evident in everything he does. Travis is a perfect example of why our mission is so important and transformative. Recovery is always possible. He inspires me and I admire his resilience. I know he will continue to motivate and inspire many others!”
My Battle with Addiction 
by Travis

Has anyone battled or know anyone battling addiction? I have overcome my battle with addiction. 

I battled addiction to alcohol since I was 20. Addiction is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity. Addiction definitely took away years of my life and adulthood. 

Through my addiction, I would still go to work even though I was highly intoxicated. I would barely eat. All I would do from the time I got home until I passed out was drink. I was living in a bottle.

It wasn't until Jan 5, 2022, when I finally hit rock bottom, and I knew it was time to end this long battle with my alcohol addiction. I was so dependent on alcohol that my mental state wasn’t the best. A hospital checked me into the SRSC that Pioneer Human Services operates. The staff provided compassionate care and set me up for supportive treatment and housing.

Before I was released from SRSC, the Pioneer staff worked with me and set me up with the Reclaim Project and Pura Vita sober living program - two programs that were essential in my recovery journey. Over the first three weeks at the Reclaim Project, I didn't know what to do. It wasn't until Shawn Kingsbury called me into his office and asked me point blank what my goals were and why was I there at the program? He lit a fire under me, as all I had done was sit around the program and I had not accomplished anything. From that day forward, I pushed myself to get to where I am today.

Thanks to the Reclaim Project and my hard determination, I won my battle with alcohol addiction. They motivated me to get off my rear and away from the bottle. Now, I was engaging in my recovery in different ways. One way was to build a larger support system and attend different meetings for my recovery. Another way was to engage in the community and set personal goals for myself that I made sure to complete. In the year I’ve been in the program, I have become both a house manager and an operations manager for the program. If another guy needs someone to lean on for help, they can always come to me and I can help them. One of the guy’s in the program was on the verge of relapsing and came to me and I helped him through that tough part by just interacting with him and going to do activities with him. 

“GROW OR DIE.” That is a quote that Shawn Kingsbury drilled into my head and I have that quote posted everywhere in my room. In conclusion, with the help and guidance of Pioneer’s SRSC and the Reclaim Project, I celebrated my one year of sobriety on January 4, 2023.

I feel a lot better about the man I’m becoming and I’ve started school recently, which is something I've always wanted to do. At the Reclaim Project, they build capable men. And I am proud to say I am one of them now. 

I’ve also completed a full circle now and I am grateful to Pioneer to be employed as an RTS at the stabilization center – right where I started. They guided and started me on my recovery journey and now I am employed at the SRSC where I can help others!