Job-Readiness Training and Building Self-Confidence Paves Path to Employment

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Our Roadmap to Success job-readiness training program staff not only work with students on their resume development, job search techniques, communication and interview skills; they also work with participants in the class on building their self-confidence and approach to developing a better life. The importance of building self-esteem and self-worth while in the class is vital to each student’s success in the workforce.

Max was in a substance use disorder program and heard about Pioneer Human Services from collateral material that the organization had for its clients. Even though he said the collateral was dated, the contact information [email protected] was still up to date, and Max reached out to express his interest in attending Pioneer’s Roadmap to Success class. 

When Max was accepted into the class, he was a bit withdrawn, but he began to warm up to our staff. His demeanor slowly changed and Max became more open and expressive in class. He also started to display a great sense of accountability and drive to do better. 

After three weeks, Max had fully engaged in the Roadmap class and graduated with new tools to assist him in the workforce. With the help of our Roadmap to Success employment specialist, a local specialty market hired him on to join their team.

Abrahm Moil, Roadmap to Success case manager, said, “Max shared with me that his level of confidence really increased since participating in our program. In his new customer service position, he utilized the communication skills he learned in class to be more open with people. Max also told me that Roadmap gave him the tools to become more approachable and comfortable talking with people he does not know.”  

When Max was released from incarceration, he struggled with his mental health and feelings of a positive self-worth. Abrahm shared, “Max told us that when he was released he saw himself as unworthy of a better life. However, Max said our Roadmap instructor, Mr. Castillo, explained to him that instead of just waiting for things to happen in life, Max needed to take charge of his life and work at making things get better!” 

Another challenge Max encountered since working at his new job, is being reliant on public transportation and dealing with its inadequacies in the Puget Sound region. Abram commented, “Max is saving money to purchase a car, but he also shared that the prospect of taking on more responsibility is scary.”

 When Max feels like he is taking on too much, he said, “I step back and focus on one goal a day.

In an effort to boost his social skills and interact with his peers in recovery, Max goes to Recovery Café to engage in their programs and social events. It is important that he continues to build a supportive set of friends around him to share his challenges with and get active in pro-social activities in the community.

In the future, Max envisions buying a tiny house for its efficiency, practical use and affordability. And on the work front, Max will continue to push his comfort zone to grow his skills. He is already making waves by sharing tips from his work experience at a different store down in Oregon. He is showing his employer how they can use promotions that could bring in some tax benefits. 

We are very proud of Max and his continued work at building up his new life. He has shared with us that he also sees himself continuing his education in business management. The sky is the limit and everyone at Pioneer wihes Max a successful future. 

Pictured: Max (back row - far left) at his Roadmap to Success graduation.