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Pioneer Human Services' annual Change Maker Luncheon is Thursday, September 26th, 2019!

Please join us for a program featuring powerful stories of the issues facing individuals affected by the criminal justice system and the impact of Pioneer’s Client and Community Services. 

We are very excited to have Bruce...

Pioneer provided me with a training and education platform, along with the stability of employment, to give meaning to my life so I can share it with others who are now struggling.”

Vince’s recovery journey was long and filled with relapses that led him to participate in nine different treatment programs, serve five years in prison and multiple stints in jail, fulfill four...

I was not an easy kid. Rules and curfews were made to be broken in my mind so I caused a lot of grief and worry for my mom and really butted heads with my stepdad. By the age of 13 years old, I was always running away from home and I dropped out of school in the eighth grade. When I was 15, I moved in with my 21 year old boyfriend and was drinking, smoking weed, hiding and on the run from my parents. That was a rough time...

Story by Fred Peterson
Excerpted from the Spokane County Detention Services Community Corrections Newsletter


Michael came to Geiger Corrections Center’s Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) treatment program...

Pioneer Human Services operates the Mark Cooper House in Seattle serving participants being referred by the King County Adult Drug Diversion Court, Veterans referred by King County Coordinated Entry for All (CEA) in collaboration with King County Department of Community and Human Services, and homeless individuals seeking housing.

Kimmie was homeless but a frequent visitor to our...

Our housing programs across the state of Washington provide support and stability for individuals and families searching for a place to call home. Often times, landlords refuse housing to people with past criminal convictions or those in recovery from substance use disorders, preventing them from having the stability of a secure roof over their head – something many of us take for granted. Our transitional and...

Merchants Acceptance Corp. has made a $2,810 donation to Pioneer Human Services! 

Employees at Merchants Acceptance initiated an internal giving campaign to support our clients with the approval and support of their employer and had 90% participation at their office. All employee donations were then matched by Merchants Acceptance. Company representatives joined Pioneer staff and community members at our May,...

One of our employees at Pioneer Center East in Spokane shared her personal journey through incarceration and addiction into becoming an active volunteer and advocate for the rights of formerly incarcerated individuals.

Megan was born and raised in Spokane, Washington and has lived-experience involving incarceration and the criminal justice system reaching back to 1993. Her journey to prison began...

You make choices when you’re young that can really affect the rest of your life – but you have no clue at the time. I came from a good family but my parents divorced when I was six and I became a latch key kid. I chose a tough crowd to hang-out with and at 12 years old I was already smoking weed and getting into trouble. As I got into my late teens, the drugs got more serious, as did my involvement in using and...