Pioneer Opens Sobering Center Pilot in Renton

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Pioneer is excited to announce the successful onboarding of the South End Sobering Pilot, an extension of the Dutch Shisler Sobering Center in Seattle. The nine-month pilot program, co-located with St. Vincent De Paul in Renton, enhances the partnership between Pioneer and King County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Division (KC BHRD) and pairs Pioneer with police and fire departments from the cities of Kent and Renton.

Designed to divert individuals from jail and hospital stays, the program provides safe overnight (8pm – 8am, seven nights per week) shelter and basic medical attention to individuals under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Our EMT staffing model is unique; there is currently no comparable model in the state and Pioneer often receives requests from across the country from local and state governments seeking information on how to deploy a similar program model. Each night, the center serves up to eight individuals at a time. Clients can stay up to 11 hours (at the 12 hour mark the program would be considered detox). The cost savings to the community and tax payers is tremendous and clients receive the care and compassion they need and deserve, while freeing up hospital emergency rooms to provide other needed services.

Tyson Curtis, director, and Donovan Brown, assistant manager, worked tirelessly to open the program under tight timelines. They had just six weeks to set-up the facility and navigate multiple systems, including the Fire and Police Departments from both Kent and Renton (our referents), Public Health, and numerous other key and community stake holders to make this program a success!

We are very thankful for this opportunity to provide the needed services to our clients and the community.

Thursday, March 23, 2017