Pioneer Industries and Algona Distribution Center Reach Safety Milestones

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Pioneer Industries' Plant 2 and Pioneer Distribution Center in Algona recently reached an exciting milestone that showcases our ongoing commitment to a culture of safety – they reached one solid year without a recordable injury!

This objective is significant for the entire team. From management to the skilled workers on the shop floor, we have proven that safety is a core value for Pioneer. It is ingrained in every aspect of our culture, and accomplished by empowering our employees with the right and responsibility to address safety concerns at any time. Employees are encouraged to ask questions, openly address any safety concerns, and effectively communicate with their peers about safety. When the employees got involved, the program evolved to the next level. Our people made it ‘their’ program. We are very proud of their accomplishment!

This is more than just reaching a goal of zero accidents. Achieving this milestone is the result of a combination of several initiatives and investments over the past three to five years that have greatly advanced the safety culture of our company.

This safety milestone was the result of a concentrated effort on advancing the safety culture of the company. We believe that safety is each person’s responsibility.  With the help of our safety training, communication, and our Safety Committee team, we have equipped our team members to ensure we stay safe each day.

CONGRATULATIONS to our workforce!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016