Home Safety Tips For Ex-Convicts

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One of the immediate concerns of ex-prisoners stepping off buses and reaching certain communities is where will they spend the night – and the following ones, and also how safe will their new dwelling be. The truth is this is a daunting challenge than hits most of them when without even realizing it. Few ex-convicts have loving families and relatives they can get in touch with and rely on in this regard. With deceased family members or relatives who have moved away or expressed their wish not to receive ex-prisoners into their homes, things tend to get even more complicated. Not to mention the case of an ex-prisoner who is legally prevented by a restraining order to go back home. So where to then?

Homeless Shelters Are A Start

Many ex-prisoners arrive at nearby homeless shelters when released from prison. While they provide you with a place to sleep at night, during the day, they will not be equally useful to you. Why? Because you will be asked to go onto the streets and carry your stuff with you too. If you feel you need to regain your daily schedule and structure way of living, you will need to regroup and look for a better alternative. This way, you will take small steps towards an effective reentry.

No Money For Rent?

Get a job as soon as you can. Home furniture can also be tricky as it can get expensive. But if you can take some time and do some research, you might just come across some smart ways of finding safe housing sooner than you might think. Get in touch with nonprofits groups and churches in your area; do not stay away from local agencies belonging to the government just because you have had trouble with the law in the past. They usually specialize in helping ex-prisoners and you should collect all of information you can come across on local housing for ex-convicts. Half-way houses and rentals at low costs are not impossible to find.

If you have still held on to your car after your release, you could consider spending a few day in there until you can find something you can afford. Just make sure your locks are sturdy and effective enough to ensure you a safe sleeping location at night. You can take a look at this link here https://www.247newyorklocksmiths.com/car and get in touch with affordable car locksmith service for the New York City area. These fellows can be accessed via an online form form a public library computer you can use for free in case you do not have a personal computer or a phone to call their emergency service number. Upon their arrival at your location, you could also inquire about their current apprentice openings if you are tempted by a locksmith career. You can never know where a new chance might rise up for you, so keep your eyes and ears open and do not be afraid to ask questions.

When you can afford to rent a small place, make sure your few belongings do not get stolen; get in touch with a residential locksmith and ask for lock rekeying or have them install safety bars on the windows.

Friday, January 31, 2014