The Foundational Community Supports Program Assists Individuals in Securing Stable Housing and Employment

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We are pleased to have the opportunity to share a story from Andrianna who was assisted in our Foundational Community Supports (FCS) program. Pioneer Human Services provides housing and employment supportive services to anyone who is Medicaid eligible through the FCS program.

The supportive housing services are designed for individuals experiencing barriers to housing stability with verified risk factors such as being homeless, experiencing unstable housing, facing barriers to independent living, or living with maximum independence in community-integrated housing. The community-based team works with clients to overcome the barriers they face and provide support and resources for their journey to independence.
My name is Andrianna and I’m a fighter. For years I have struggled with dual-diagnosis, substance use disorder and mental illness. There have been countless barriers and hurdles including several years of homelessness and legal troubles in my path. 

About a year ago, I was court ordered to go into a residential treatment facility with Pioneer Human Services. While there, I opted to get into their FCS Supportive Housing program as I had little to no resources and needed help navigating through my housing barriers. Upon completion of treatment, I temporarily moved into an Oxford house that my housing specialist, Dre Hoyt, helped me secure.

Unfortunately, I made a series of mistakes that led to me having to go back into custody and I landed back in a reentry program that Pioneer operates. While there, I reconnected with my FCS housing specialist and together we worked towards finding an apartment of my own upon my release. 

For the first time in my life, I’m now living independently in my very own place. Since moving in, I’ve been able to connect with various recovery groups, get my license back and start moving towards the life I’ve always wanted. Pioneer has really helped change my life for the better.

Dre Hoyt, Pioneer’s FCS housing specialist shared, “Having the opportunity to work with Adrianna has been nothing short of a pleasure. Her determination and drive enabled us to find resources and an apartment very quickly. Community based housing support is - and will continue to be - a vital bridge for individuals transitioning from residential settings and homelessness back into the community.


Thursday, July 22, 2021