Erin's Story

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We started filming Erin when she arrived at our housing program in Tacoma. She was making a big change in her life and looking forward to living with her children again. Her past life of addiction was being pushed behind her.


When I walked myself into the inpatient rehab center this last time, after so many relapses I knew this was it – I was never turning back. I was very focused on my sobriety because I desperately wanted my two children back and to be a mom again.”

After almost 10 months of inpatient and outpatient drug treatment services Erin got placed on a job from a staffing company at Pioneer’s distribution service center in Algona. The Algona supervisor recommended that Erin enroll in Pioneer’s Roadmap to Success training program to build her confidence, work ethic and resume. Erin was desperate for an opportunity to grow in all areas of her life since she had been out of touch with society for so long. She applied and got into the job training program and upon graduation she applied and was accepted into Pioneer’s Manufacturing Academy.

You bet I wanted the chance to attend a pre-apprenticeship manufacturing program and earn college credits and certifications. It prepared me for reaching my goal of becoming a Union welder. I am saving for a car as that is the only thing holding me back now.”

Erin was also accepted into Pioneer’s housing program pilot in Tacoma where she received subsidized rent, case management, furniture and basic items for the home. She followed all the required steps to get full custody of her children and they moved in with her on July 1, 2016.

My kids come first now. I have been clean for over two years now and I am continuing to grow personally and professionally. Recently, I started a support group for moms recovering from addiction and abuse. All of us women suffered in our childhood and early adult life and we want a better life for our children. I may have been down, but now I am reaching for the stars.”

Watch her video HERE.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017