Dutch Shisler Service Center Remembers Legend

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The Dutch Shisler Service Center in downtown Seattle, one of our Treament Services, provides a safe and supportive sobering service for men and women who are inebriated and chronically homeless. The center is a place for individuals to get off the city streets, get sober and sleep instead of ending up in local jails and hospitals.

The center was originally called The Harbor House Dutch Shisler Center and it opened in 1998, providing 80 beds for the homeless, lost and addicted. The center was named after Dutch Shisler, a former chronic alcoholic who found recovery in a Seattle 12-step program. He then devoted his life to ministering to not only those whose illness led them to the streets, but also to alcoholics in boardrooms, stockrooms and courtrooms. Read an article HERE about Dutch’s life and what led him to become a legend in recovery, devoting his life to others in need. Another tribute to Dutch’s life can be read HERE.

Today, the Dutch Shisler Service Center is operated by Pioneer Human Services for King County. The center is located at 1930 Boren Avenue in Seattle and is open 24/7. If you or anyone you know has a substance use disorder and is inebriated, please come to the Dutch Shisler for sobering services, case management and/or referrals to treatment centers. We accept walk-ins, people dropped off by friends and family, or people brought in by 911 responders.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016