Counseling Clinic Expansion in Spokane Better Serves Community

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Pioneer Counseling-Emerson Clinic has doubled the size of the their office to better serve individuals struggling with substance use disorders and mental health issues. Staff and partners in the community celebrated at an Open House on January 22, 2018. Read about the event in the Spokesman Review.

Men and women now served include:

  • Walk-Ins – Clinic now serves individuals who meet the Criminal Justice Treatment Account, Revised Code of Washington requirements. The only requirement is that the individual needs to have been prosecuted in the state of Washington.
  • Drug Court - Clinic provides intensive outpatient substance abuse and mental health services to individuals who are in the pre-conviction Spokane County Therapeutic Drug Court program. Patients who attend the program have a felony linked to substance use and many also have mental health conditions.
  • U.S. Probation - Clinic also serves individuals referred from U.S. Probation by providing assessments, intensive outpatient and substance testing services.
  • Geiger Corrections Center In Jail Treatment – Clinic specialists provide a 16-week intensive substance use disorder outpatient program to individuals in jail who have received sentencing and a release date. Also, staff in the ‘ Innovative' program provide assessments to in-custody court, or self-referred, individuals who also have been sentenced and provided a release date.

Emerson Clinic serves 100 patients in the one-year long pre-conviction Spokane County Therapeutic Drug Court program, and provides assessments, intensive outpatient treatment to approximately 65 patients who are also on federal probation. In addition, the clinic provides urine screening for over 100 patients who are on federal probation.

Friday, January 26, 2018