Grateful for Affordable Housing and Two Years of Sobriety

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Pioneer’s Tacoma Housing provides singles and families with affordable, clean and sober housing to help them transition into a healthy lifestyle while in recovery.

Misty became homeless after suffering from a mental health crisis within her family’s home that resulted in her first arrest. Subsequently, she suffered from homelessness and a substance use disorder for many years before being arrested for felony drug related charges. It was during her last arrest that she was given a second chance through Felony Mental Health Court and the Felony Forensic Assertive Community Team (FFACT) program who referred her to Pioneer’s transitional housing program in Tacoma.

When Misty arrived at orientation at Pioneer’s Rialto apartment housing in Tacoma, she was not easily discouraged that the building had no available apartments and people ahead of her were waiting for an opening. She just knew that the Rialto would be the ideal place for her and her active lifestyle. “I was intent on having my own residence and personal space through recovery,” Misty said.

Eventually, her patience paid out and Misty got an apartment in the Rialto. She was so grateful to have her own space to work on her recovery. After a year living in the Rialto with stable housing, Misty has made great strides and she celebrated two years of sobriety. She is now a certified Recovery Coach and plans to continue her studies in chemical dependency.  In addition, Misty earned a full scholarship to study at (SKY) Samdhana-Karana a non-profit yoga studio specializing in trauma-aware yoga as she understands the importance of connecting the mind and body in recovery.

Recently, Misty graduated from Felony Mental Health Court (FMHC) where she was asked to speak and she thanked Pioneer at the graduation by stating, “I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and I whole heartedly support the Pioneer Human Services mission.” 

Misty has many goals she sets for herself including actively working on reestablishing essential family connections, while strengthening existing bonds. She also wants to run a marathon or organize a race.

I am really proud to be a part of Pioneer’s transitional housing program. Thank you for this experience,” Misty shared.

Israel Perez, housing administrator coordinator at Pioneer’s housing in Tacoma stated, “The truth is that all of us at Tacoma housing are not only proud of all of Misty’s accomplishments - we are honored to be included in her journey. She is the heart of our mission.