U.S. Spends Billions to Lock People Up, but very Little to Help Them Once They’re Released

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Pioneer Human Services was included in a PBS News Hour story on mass incarceration and the billions spent on incarcerating people, as compared to the minimal dollars spent on reentr services once they are released. Our CEO, Karen Lee, commented on many facets of the injustice. Read the entire story HERE.

"Lee said her goals are not only to provide services, but also to change the criminal justice policies that create a need for these services."

Reentry is a lot of things,” Lee said. “It’s housing, it’s substance use disorder treatment, it’s education, it’s restitution and victim services and court costs. And every time you take a dollar from a prison, you have other institutions trying to get that same dollar. The competition is real.


Thursday, April 8, 2021