Training Programs Celebrate Graduation

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Pioneer’s Roadmap to Success training program and Manufacturin Acedemy celebrated a graduation on June 19th at South Seattle Community College’s West Seattle campus. We salute all of our graduates accomplishments!

The Roadmap to Success training program assists men and woman released from prison who are either living in a state work release or a federal residential reentry center, or are having difficulty overcoming the barriers to employment. The program consists of 150 hours of  training over a four and a half week period. The training curriculum targets in on soft skills development and job readiness, and focuses on each of our student’s strengths to prepare them for employment.

The Manufacturing Academy is a 10-week course that offers the basics in manufacturing and safety to better position candidates for entry-level positions. The Academy uses an accredited curriculum sponsored by the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC).

Tuesday, June 30, 2015