Support Services and Housing Builds Stability for Regional Mental Health Court Client

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Pioneer operates over 640 housing units across the state of Washington. In King County, two of our housing facilities are dedicated to individuals in King County District Court Regional Mental Health Court and four housing facilities are dedicated the King County Adult Drug Diversion Court. Residents with mental health barriers and specialized needs require a continuity of care, access to treatment and access to medication. The King County Regional Mental Health Court seeks to increase effective cooperation between two systems that have traditionally not worked closely together- the mental health treatment system and the criminal justice system. 

Our staff engages with the residents, and supports and facilitates their sustained stability within the criminal justice system, with the goal of reducing recidivism and increasing community safety. Using a wraparound approach, the entire Regional Mental Health Court (RMHC) team meets frequently with the individual to assess needs, provide positive feedback and problem solving, and require accountability for non-compliance with treatment and probation conditions.

Madeline Hines, Client & Community Services case manager (pictured left); and Seth Anderson, Client & Community Services case manager (pictured right); shared a story on an RMHC client they worked with in our housing. When Sally came into the RMHC program, she was already working on the second step of the 12-step substance use disorder program. Through her own perseverance, she was able to maintain her sobriety throughout RMHC’s nine-month program. During this time, she lived in one of Pioneer’s housing programs that is dedicated to clients in the RMHC program. Part of Sally’s successful exit needed to include securing next step clean and sober housing where she could continue to strengthen her sobriety and support system. By working with her case managers, provided by RMHC, Sally was able to find permanent housing to transition into when she completed the two-year housing program.  

Pioneer’s RMHC case managers worked closely with Sally to help locate housing through Catholic Community Services. Once Sally’s case managers located this program, Sally was extremely motivated to complete her intake in a timely manner and provide a urinalysis to show she was not using any substances. Her intake then allowed her to move directly from Pioneer housing into the permanent housing program in Auburn after she completed the two-year program.

Several of Pioneer’s RMHC clients are currently getting ready to successfully transition into permanent and alternative housing. Madeline Hines shared, “Many clients have engaged in Pioneer’s Roadmap to Success job-readiness training program and found stable employment. Housing and employment are the cornerstones to stability for our clients. When clients have access to resources and staff who support them, barriers fall and our clients can then continue to flourish!” 

Seth Anderson said, “We were thrilled that we were able to support Sally successfully in securing next step housing. She has also been able to maintain her sobriety, which is a huge win! This type of outcome gives us great satisfaction in our work.” 

Friday, October 8, 2021