Pioneer Human Services and Compass Health Value Partnership that Helps to Better Serve Residents in Need

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Pioneer Human Services is very proud and appreciative of the solid partnership that exists between our Skagit County Crisis Center (SCCC) team and Compass Health’s Skagit Crisis Prevention and Intervention Team (CPIT).  Since 2015, CPIT has been working together with the SCCC team to respond to and provide needed services for Skagit County residents struggling with a self-identified crisis.

The Compass Health Skagit CPIT has been fortunate to have cooperation from community partners and the ability to provide a service that has been needed in this area for some time,” stated Eric D. Jacobs, supervisor, Skagit CPIT, Compass Health. “One of the aspects of our program that has been well received is CPITs ability to work with individuals struggling with substance use/abuse issues, and this has been due in large part to the partnership with Pioneer Human Services.”

“This partnership has been one of the keystones of the Skagit CPIT program.”

Jacobs added, “Working together in this partnership, Pioneer Human Services provides Skagit CPIT with the Chemical Dependency Professionals (CDP) that open the door to the opportunity to help an entire population of clientele. The team members that Pioneer provides are professional, ethical, and client centered.  This partnership has been one of the keystones of the Skagit CPIT program.”

The SCCC is a 16-bed crisis, mental health stabilization and sub-acute detox program. The center serves Skagit County residents for detox and North Sound County residents who are experiencing a crisis related to their substance use disorder (SUD) and/or mental health challenges. Most of the services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Read more at .

Rowell Dela Cruz, program manager for Pioneer’s SCCC said,Pioneer’s partnership with Compass Health has been very successful for the Skagit County community. CPIT has been a great resource for the region and community members are very impressed with the team of mental health and chemical dependency professionals, along with peer staff that meet with individuals and their families in crisis”  

Compass Health is a private, non-profit, state licensed organization providing mental health services. Compass Health’s CPITs offer short term crisis intervention and prevention services utilizing strength based, solution focused, culturally competent, trauma informed, and recovery oriented interventions. The team collaborates with peer counselors to help individuals, and their family members, in crisis develop a plan to get through the current crisis, manage future crises, and move towards recovery.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016