PACT Team Helps Build Client's Path to Independent Living

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We wanted to share a success story to celebrate the amazing work our Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) team in Seattle delivers when working with clients.

About PACT

PACT is a way of delivering a full range of individual-centered services to those who have been diagnosed with a serious mental health issue. The team is based out of Pioneer Counseling-Rainier Clinic in Seattle and serves individuals who suffer from a server and persistent mental illness.

PACT services are flexible, time unlimited, and offered 24/7 when needed. The multi-disciplinary team includes nurses, mental health professionals, case managers, substance use disorder professionals, peer support, medical providers and employment support staff that work closely with clients enrolled in the PACT program. The focus is on giving each individual adequate community care to help him/her have a life that isn’t dominated by mental illness. All referrals for the Rainier Clinic PACT team are directed from King County.

Building a Bond

Karen Hodge, a PACT clinical case manager, shared the journey of Barry, who first moved into Pioneer’s Bruksos House (Pioneer housing) in July 2017 after experiencing some legal troubles.

At first, we had a very difficult time engaging Barry. We had to really work with him to get him to trust and speak with the PACT team. It took a lot of patience, creativity and work to connect with him to form a relationship where we could work together,” said Karen Hodge.

Barry struggled with feelings of paranoia and distrust, and was very withdrawn. The PACT team really worked closely to build a bond so they could provide the services needed that would help him live in the community.

Nearly three years later, the PACT team’s work with Barry has really paid off. Barry’s accomplishments have included:

  • Very active and engaged in treatment
  • Takes his medications and finds them helpful
  • No hospitalizations in the past year
  • Driving and taking good care of his car
  • Holding his jobs and maintains good relationships with employers
  • Relationship with his parents vastly improved
  • Generally feels good and is hopeful about his future

Paving the Way to a New Life

The PACT staff worked with Barry to secure a lease that he signed through the King County Housing Access and Services Program (HASP) for a lovely apartment with a pool and a gym that will hopefully help him to engage and socialize. His parents are over the moon at how he's doing and expressed their gratitude for all of PACT's support

Karen Hodge shared, “I see a confidence in him I haven't seen before and I am so happy that is taking steps forward to live back in the community. All of us on the PACT team wish him the very best in his new life."

Pictured: Karen Hodge

Wednesday, August 12, 2020