Monitoring for Health Hazards in the Aerospace Industry

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Pioneer  Industries, the manufacturing division of Pioneer Human Services, provides sheet metal fabrication and machining for the aerospace and commercial industries. Last year, Pioneer Industries contracted the University of Washington School of Public Health to help monitor and advise management on the air quality of the painting line at Plant 1 in Seattle.  Watch the video!

Safe Workplaces: Monitoring for Health Hazards

For over one year, the UW team has worked with Pioneer Industries inspecting and monitoring the painters at Plant 1 who coat the majority of parts for the aerospace and commercial industries. The UW team also checked exposure levels for the welders at Plant 1.

UW’s team is lead by Allison Crollard, an industrial hygienist from the Field Research and Consultation Group in the Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences. The team is performing air monitoring as the paint primer that is required to be sprayed on the aerospace parts is very durable but toxic. The team is measuring the workers’ exposure to the chemicals used in the primer and advising on how to keep all employees safe from being overexposed to prevent health problems.

Bob Gallagher, environmental safety officer for Pioneer Industries stated, “It is Pioneer’s commitment to provide our employees a safe work environment, and ensure our painters are protected from airborne exposures that could potentially be hazardous.” He added, “The UW team has been a great partner to work with and we look forward to their continued research and recommendations over the next year.”

Wednesday, August 13, 2014