Maximizing Advocacy to Fulfill Your Mission - Karen Lee

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Managing a nonprofit organization requires a variety of skills and experiences to succeed, and a leader can certainly be consumed by simply keeping their organization in motion. The best nonprofits, however, commit to a vision the exceeds the direct impact of their programs and services but also seeks to positively influence their communities at large. Karen Lee is a great example of a nonprofit leader just like that, as she manages one of the largest social enterprise organizations in the United States, Pioneer Human Services based in Seattle, WA.

Listen to Dr. Patton McDowell interview Karen Lee on the "Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership" podcast HERE, where she shares much wisdom from her career journey including how she's integrating advocacy into her leadership agenda, how she's maximizing fundraising and philanthropy, and how she's using her talented board volunteers across the state of Washington.  

Lee shares, "It's all about economic opportunity and the route to a better life through a job that can become a career."




Thursday, January 21, 2021