Local Rugby President Supports Pioneer Youth

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The youth in Pioneer's Snohomish Youth Residential Homes program were treated to a special rugby outing thanks to Kevin Flynn, president of Seattle Saracens and team manager of Seattle Seawolves Rugby. Kevin had met with Mary Johnson-Schroeder, Snohomish Youth Services director, to discuss how his players could support the youth in our programs.

Kevin shared, "Our men and women team members come from many backgrounds and rugby has helped many of them overcome some challenging times in their lives. I myself thank rugby for helping me through tough times in my life. We are excited to share these stories of success with young people who have challenges and hope to provide positive role models for them. Rugby culture and the rugby extended family helps team members find work, places to live, travel and friendships while at the same time teaching us great values in life such as respect, hard work, honesty and friendship. Who knows - we hope to see some Saracens or Seawolves players come from Pioneer's Snohomish Youth Services' program one day."

Our Snohomish Youth Residential Homes programs are helping boys struggling with severe emotional, behavioral, and/or psychiatric problems. Many have a long history with the child welfare system and have gone through multiple foster placement disruptions.

Pro-social activities, like attending a rugby match, support these boys' progress and allow them to get out into the community and enjoy themselves. We are so grateful for community members like Kevin who provide these enriching opportunities for our youth. Thank you. 

Interested in donating tickets to events or outings to Pioneer's youth programs? Please contact [email protected] to learn more.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019