Job Options After Prison

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When an individual is released from prison it is often with little or no support. To help people with criminal histories get employment in Washington State, Pioneer Human Services offers several training and job development programs . Employment is a key element for a successful transition back into society, in addition to clean and sober housing, and chemical dependency treatment programs. Pioneer offers a full circle of treatment, housing and employment services to provide people with a chance for change.

Pioneer’s training program offers multiple tracks to focus on our students’ strengths and prepare them for employment. Men and women come into our programs with varied educational backgrounds, ranging from those having advanced degrees to those who are seeking their GED. To make sure we provide the most appropriate services, every student completes a comprehensive assessment to determine their skills, interests and aptitudes. For those who need further development, a soft skills course is offered to prepare trainees to be productive employees and teach them how to retain employment. Our case managers match graduates’ skill sets to specific employers.

To keep our graduates competitive with the hard skills needed to compete in today’s job market, we offer students the opportunity to pursue occupational training programs in manufacturing, food service, or construction maintenance and labor. Employers who hire Pioneer graduates are adding select members to their team who have displayed specific skills and an aptitude for learning.


Roadmap to Success skill development includes dealing with authority, time management, professional communication and conflict resolution. Graduates have demonstrated a strong work ethic and are eager to enter the workforce.

Manufacturing Academy provides pre-apprenticeship training to men and women interested in manufacturing. This 10-week course offers the basics in manufacturing and safety to better position candidates for entry-level positions. The Academy uses an accredited curriculum sponsored by the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee (AJAC) and all graduates receive the following certifications:

  • Basic Manufacturing
  • LEAN
  • Forklift
  • Flagger
  • First Aid/CPR

Construction and Maintenance Training offers selected candidates an opportunity to train on-the-job in a three-phased, one-year program and gain a skill set in building maintenance and basic construction. Each student is taught the importance of safety, time management and quality expectations.

Food Services Training focuses on the specific culinary skills needed to work in a food services position. During the 16-week program, our students receive hands-on training to master the skills needed for planning and preparing food for a restaurant, caterer or commercial kitchen. All graduates are eligible to obtain a ServSafe Certification upon completion.

Contact our workforce training division at 206-768-7333 or email us at [email protected].

Monday, October 20, 2014