Holistic Reentry from Prison

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Pioneer was featured on Sirius Radio's one hour talk show, "The War Room" hosted by Ron Zion Roseboro. Hilary Young, VP of Policy and Communications at Pioneer had a conversation with Mr. Roseboro covering a wide range of topics to include the history and programs of Pioneer, reentry services individuals released from prison or jail need for a successful transition back into their communities, barriers that they face including the power of language when people refer to a formerly incarcerated individual.

Mr. Roseboro is the author of "Is There A Samson In You?,"  "Quotes and Notes: Journal for the journey," "How To Play The Hand You're Dealt," and "Breaking News." He is a public speaker, empowerment specialist, leadership trainer, workshop facilitator, freelance writer, speech writer, magazine and newspaper columnist, spoken word poet, and ambassador of the Risen Christ. Additionally, Mr. Roseboro specializes in reentry consulting. He is committed to upholding the integrity and standard of empowerment writing and speaking, by equipping others to live a life of hope, healing, and freedom.

Listen to the show HERE. The first several minutes are rap and music promoting the show and The Freedom Project. The actual show starts at 5:25.



Tuesday, March 14, 2017