Holiday Adopt-a-Child Program is Big Success

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Employees and major organizations in the Seattle region contributed to Pioneer Human Services’ 2014 Adopt-a-Child gift giving event for the holidays. Every year Pioneer sends out a wish list for the children of employees working on the manufacturing floor or in our treatment, housing and training programs. Over 65 percent of Pioneer’s manufacturing workforce have been incarcerated or are in recovery and have come through our programs. Many have financial responsibilities that leaves minimal extra cash around to fulfill their children’s holiday dreams. This year funds were collected to fulfill wish lists for nearly 450 children!

Once the wish list requests start streaming in, Ahnetta Fields, vocational case manager for Pioneer Human Services begins her shopping spree and brings in the gifts by the truck load to be sorted and bagged. This year a team of employees from the Pioneer workforce development division assisted Ahnetta in sorting the presents into gift bags

Ahnetta has been a Pioneer employee for 42 years and stated, “I remember what it is like to be released from prison and to start working without any savings to buy presents for my kids.” She added, “The Pioneer Adopt-a-Child  program gives me so much joy to give people what I didn’t have back then.”

The holiday Adopt-a-Child gift giving program has grown in numbers over the years with the expansion of Pioneer Industries’ manufacturing workforce and Pioneer Human Services’ programs that are located in nearly 60 facilities across Washington State. We are very proud of the gift program and want to thank all who contributed to make it so successful this year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014