Grateful for Housing and Two Years of Sobriety

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Misty became homeless after suffering from a mental health crisis within her family’s home that resulted in her first arrest. Subsequently, she suffered from homelessness and a substance use disorder for many years before being arrested for felony drug related charges. It was during her last arrest that she was given a second chance through Felony Mental Health Court and the Felony Forensic Assertive Community Team (FFACT) program who referred her to Pioneer’s transitional housing program in Tacoma.

When Misty arrived at orientation at Pioneer’s Rialto apartment housing in Tacoma, she was not easily discouraged that the building had no available apartments and people ahead of her were waiting for an opening. She just knew that the Rialto would be the ideal place for her and her active lifestyle. “I was intent on having my own residence and personal space through recovery,” Misty said. Read MORE

Thursday, August 10, 2017