Formerly Incarcerated Students are Provided a Chance for Change

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Listen to a few formerly incarcerated students in Pioneer Human Services' Roadmap to Success job-readiness training program talk about their experience in the program and what it offered HERE. The training program works with men and women navigating the barriers they face when transitioning back into our communities after prison or jail.

Students with a criminal history, or in recovery, attend the training program five days a week for approximately four weeks. Individuals in Washington State can be referred by their case manager, therapist, corrections officer or self-refer for the application process.

Once accepted into the Roadmap to Success training program, individuals learn the needed skills to find and retain employment. The course focuses on overcoming barriers to employment through cognitive thinking transformation, soft-skills development, professional communication, conflict resolution, time management, job searching, targeted resume building, interviewing techniques, handling different management styles and computer skills.


Friday, February 2, 2018