Camp Outlook Celebrates a Graduation

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Pioneer’s Camp Outlook hosted a commencement ceremony for seven graduates on May 7, 2014 in Connell, WA. Family, friends, community leaders, Camp Outlook staff and partners of Pioneer Human Services joined together to congratulate the successful graduates. As Washington State’s Juvenile Offender Basic Training Camp, Camp Outlook provides a chance for change to youth trying to overcome the challenges of their current life situation.

The celebration began with a marching presentation of the color guard by the graduating class of Platoon 1-14. Camp Outlook administrators then spoke, and distributed honors and awards to students who had the greatest achievements in academics and physical fitness.

Harold Wright, Director of Camp Outlook stated, “The community joins together to congratulate the individuals in front of us today. They came to Camp Outlook four months ago as boys, and are leaving us today as fine young men who have set new goals for themselves to succeed in life.”

Funded by the state Department of Social and Health Services, Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration (JRA), the 16-bed Camp offers a safe, secure, treatment-oriented and disciplined military environment. The four-month intensive program centers around three key components: military structure, treatment and education.

U.S. Marine Corps recruit training model. This approach provides the discipline necessary to ensure full participation in the treatment and education components of the program.

The integrated treatment model focuses on eliminating problem behaviors and encouraging positive behavior through analysis, reinforcement, and the development of new skills. Families are invited to learn about and participate in treatment to help the youth transition back into the community.

North Franklin School District provides the educational component of Camp Outlook’s treatment program along with the social balance. Assessments are conducted during the first week of camp to determine each student’s academic level and then develop the most appropriate instructional strategies. The youth at Camp Outlook have the opportunity to earn up to 4.25 high school credits in a traditional classroom setting in core subjects.

The camp is for male and female offenders between the ages of 14 and 19. Pioneer accepts private placements into the program, although the majority of participants have been court ordered.


Monday, May 12, 2014