About us

Since being founded in 1963, Pioneer Human Services has expanded from a single halfway house to a robust non-profit, operating a broad range of programs in nearly 60 locations across Washington. Pioneer helps people reentering society from prison or jail as well as those who are overcoIMG_0481ming chemical addiction and mental illness. The organization offers an integrated array of treatment, housing, training and employment services.

We are also a multi-business social enterprise offering quality products and services at competitive prices. When you do business with Pioneer, you help people gain the experience they need to reclaim their lives and become productive members of society.


We are a social enterprise that provides individuals with criminal histories the opportunity to lead healthy, productive lives.


Every person we serve has an opportunity to transcend his/her past and be embraced as a valuable member of society.

Our vision will be realized when the people we serve:

  • Are valued for their potential, are provided opportunities equal to other members of the community, and are not stigmatized for their past
  • Are provided necessary treatment and counseling, maintain recovery and achieve stability
  • Are able to secure stable housing that is safe, affordable and well maintained
  • Receive and complete necessary job training, resulting in steady employment at a family-sustainable income