Juvenile Offender Basic Training Camp Wins 2013 Extra Mile Award

The staff at Camp Outlook, Pioneer Human Services’ Juvenile Offender Basic Training Camp (JOBTC), was selected as one of the winner’s for the Washington State 2013 Extra Mile Award. Approximately 10 to 15 individuals or groups earn the prestigious award each year. Camp Outlook’s 22-person staff was given the award for surpassing expectations for exemplary public service and demonstrating skills to include outstanding leadership, visionary thinking, personal valor or bravery, and outstanding customer service.

Over the last year, the staff at Camp Outlook has been working hard to improve the lives of the youth they serve. The staff increased their efforts and excelled at developing better transition planning for all youth at the camp to help build strong family connections and prepare them for life after incarceration. The team strived to provide many resources to the youth being served including:
• Mock job interviews with youth and follow-up/feedback from the interviewers
• Resume building and cover letter writing
• Application preparations
• Microsoft program tutorials and lessons
• Public speaking
• Guest presenters on FASFA, Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Credit Cards
• Classes on financial budgeting
• GED Prep
• Assistance with filling out FASFA and college applications

In addition to the preparations for life after Camp Outlook, the staff focused on creating stress free transitions for the youths next placement or release. These efforts included in-person visits with the group home or parole officer that the youth will be assigned upon release, and increased phone calls home to rebuild family relationships and lower anxiety or stress around the transition.

Camp Outlook’s staff who received the award are the following:
1. Chris Ankney, USMC
2. Gunnery Sergeant Patrick Duncan, USMC
3. Pamela Guilford
4. Morgan Fuquay
5. Corporal Jesus Balbuena, USMC
6. Chelsea Minor
7. Staff Sergeant Juanita Whitman, USA
8. Brian Lawson
9. John Delbridge
10. Bruce VanDyke
11. Sergeant Ryan Forsythe, USMC
12. Private First Class Brian Wright, USA
13. Staff Sergeant Ronal Hiebert, USANG
14. Lance Corporal Tyler Kion, USMC
15. Sergeant Randy Kallenbach, USMC
16. Terry Martin
17. Jillian Potts
18. Specialist Casey Landis, USANG
19. Sergeant Jason Goodman, USANG
20. Sergeant James Sleiman, USMC
21. Seaman Lezlie Ellis, USN(R)
22. Sergeant Keith Allen, USMC

USMC= United States Marine Corps
USA= United States Army
USANG= United States Army National Guard
USN(R)= United States Navy Reserve